If you spend a lot of time running, participate in various running events. Then you need to prepare professional equipment. So do you need a pair of professional running compression socks?

Compression equipment was initially used in the medical field to assist users in the treatment of "bloat" related conditions - lymphedema, varicose veins, etc. The principle is to provide positive pressure to the vascular valve for unidirectional flow.

The difference in pressure between the ankle and the knee can promote the return of blood to the heart, and at the same time, to a certain extent, resist the influence of gravity on blood flow.

During running, each impact on the ground will cause the muscles to vibrate, which is the main cause of muscle damage and muscle fatigue.
When the amount of exercise increases and the muscles begin to fatigue, the soreness caused by this vibration becomes more and more obvious.

The benefits of the combination between compression gear and running are:

1. Improve athletic performance.
Compression socks implement a stepped 360° wrapping pressure on the calf during running, exerting pressure on the calf muscles, thereby accelerating blood circulation, providing more oxygen to the muscles, and assisting support to reduce muscle tremors during sports shocks.

2. Accelerate fatigue recovery.
Wearing compression leg sleeves after exercise can help to remove metabolic waste by accelerating blood flow and introduce substances needed for muscle repair and reconstruction in time.

There is some research showing that athletes and people who fly for long periods of time feel less sore after wearing compression leg wraps
HAK's running compression socks wrap and compress well without any discomfort, and the different pressure changes from the foot to the calf further adapt to muscle vibration and blood flow.

Moreover, Lycra is a well-known trademark of technology elastic fiber owned by INVISTA in the United States. It has outstanding elasticity and resilience. Hak also selects the more advanced and more expensive Lycra fiber newly developed by INVISTA.

In the eyes of many people, this may not only be a decoration to show off one's personality, but also more protection for oneself in sports.