The socks may fall off because the elasticity of the sock mouth is gone, or the support of the socks is not good enough, or because of the socks themselves, because the socks are too small or the socks are too big?

Just like the boat socks I bought at the beginning of the summer, the elasticity of the socks will become loose after wearing them for a long time. There is also the material of the socks. The socks of poor material are very loose. If you buy too big, the socks will always fall off your feet. So buy socks that fit your feet. Live sports are comfortable.

First of all, Solax's sports socks are lengthened at the heel, tightening the cuff and lengthening again above the cuff, suitable for all sports shoes, to avoid heel drop and foot grinding. And the INVISTA Lycra elastic fiber is added to the weaving, which maintains good elasticity while maintaining good elasticity.

Moreover, the socks of solax are very comfortable and elastic, distinguishing the left and right feet is more suitable for the foot shape, distinguishing the M size and the L size, you can choose according to your own foot length.