Merino sheep were first bred in Spain around the 15th to 17th centuries. Under the different natural environment and feeding and management conditions in various regions, various families of Merino sheep are derived: such as Spanish Merino, French Rambouillet Merino, German Saxony Merino, Australian Merino, American Merino, South American Merino and Soviet Merino, etc. Although the wool quality of these Merino families is slightly different, because they all come from the same ancestral line, their genetic properties are stable and the wool quality is good, and they can be used as raw materials for high- and mid-grade worsted and high-quality woollen spinning.

The fine-wool sheep mainly of Merino blood are all over the world, and their wool production accounts for about one-third of the world's wool production. Among them, Australia produces about 350,000 tons of merino wool (raw wool), which is equivalent to the world's fine wool. It accounts for 40% of production and is the largest producer and supplier of merino wool. Australian Merino wool can be divided into: superfine wool, with a quality count of 70 or more, an average diameter of less than 18 microns, and a length of 5 to 9 cm; fine wool, with a quality count of 70 to 66, The average diameter is 18 to 20 microns, and the length is 5 to 10 cm; the medium hair, the quality count is 66 to 64, the average diameter is 20 to 22 microns, and the length is 6 to 11 cm; the coarse type hair, the quality count is 64 to 60, and the average diameter There are four kinds of fabrics, such as 23-25 ​​microns and 6-12 cm in length, which are suitable for medium, high-grade and high-quality clothing respectively.

So first of all merino is a kind of wool, unlike traditional wool, because it is a natural fiber, its fiber is very, very fine, so it is not itchy at all, super super comfortable. 

There's nothing sharp or raised to itch or sting us, and it doesn't have the natural scales of most traditional wools.

It's totally a natural fiber natural product and when we look at the greatness of merino it has all these great features like it's UV suppression, doesn't create body odor it's very breathable and really soft to wear Comfortable. What's even better is that it keeps you cool when you're warm, it still feels soft if you get wet with sweat after a workout,

Doesn't give you the plastic touch.